Nigerian Police Officer Endangers Lives by Wrestling Steering Wheel from Moving Car


An alarming incident involving a police officer and a cab driver has sparked outrage after a video surfaced showing the officer engaged in a dangerous struggle for control of the vehicle’s steering wheel.

A video, that has now gone viral, shared by Light Orji on Snapchat, captures the police officer dangerously attempting to stop the cab driver from escaping. The footage shows the officer grasping the driver’s neck while simultaneously wrestling for control of the moving vehicle’s steering wheel.

Though the location and the cause of the altercation remain unclear, the public has expressed serious concerns regarding the officer’s dangerous actions, which endangered the lives of both the driver and other road users.

As revealed in the video, Light Orji, the Snapchat user, who captured the viral video of the police officer grappling with the cab driver, had to jump out of the moving vehicle after her pleas for the officer to cease his dangerous actions were ignored.

Meanwhile, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force, has responded to the viral video. Adejobi has called on the Police Complaint Response Unit to launch an investigation into the incident, emphasizing the importance of addressing any potential misconduct by law enforcement officials.

“Where is this again? Can we have more information about it? Thanks.
@PoliceNG, @PoliceNG_CRU, take up this and investigate, please. Thanks.”, the police spokesperson wrote.

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