My Wife Was Pregnant For Another Man Inside Marriage – Singer, Harrysong Reveals


In a shocking revelation, Nigerian singer, Harrysong, has disclosed that his wife was pregnant with another man’s child while they were still married.

This unexpected and hurtful discovery came as a surprise to Harrysong, leaving him devastated and struggling to cope with the betrayal.

In a candid and raw Instagram live session, Harrysong opened up about his wife’s infidelity and pregnancy, sharing his heartbreak and confusion with his followers. The singer said, “My ex-wife’s mother just married her seventh or sixth husband yet she is still cheating in that marriage. That’s the kind of family I married into.

“My wife came to inform me that she was pregnant when I stopped sl££ping with her for almost a year. She was pregnant for another man inside my marriage.

“The only thing I did was to ask her to return to her family. I needed time to get to know her because I didn’t know who she really is. I married her because people said she was a loyal, humble and God-fearing Christian.”

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