My First Year ‘Challenging, Fulfilling’ – President Tinubu


The past year has been marked by a tumultuous and complex landscape for President Bola Tinubu. Amidst persistent incidents of violence and economic instability, the President has had to navigate the complex web of Nigeria’s political, social, and economic realities.

In a recent reflection on his first year in office, Tinubu acknowledged that the journey has been fraught with challenges, but he remains undeterred in his determination to lead the country through these trying times. At the same time, he emphasized the accomplishments and progress that have been made, highlighting the “fulfilling” aspects of his tenure so far.

President Bola Tinubu’s insights on his first year in office were made during a recent meeting with the Yoruba Leaders of Thought at the presidential villa.

The President acknowledged the numerous obstacles he has faced during his tenure, while also expressing his unwavering commitment to addressing the urgent needs of the Nigerian people. He emphasized that governance must be transformative, instigating real and impactful change that improves the lives of citizens across the country.

“It has been challenging. It has been fulfilling as well. We took over, and we stopped the bleeding. I can say categorically now that Nigeria is no longer bleeding. And it will not bleed to death, but rather will now move to prosperity. That is the promise that I made to you all, and it is also the charge that you gave me.

“We are managing to swim through the pond. The current is not a good one. We will turn the tide. We are turning the bend. This, I assure you. I am being very careful. The worst is over for Nigeria. We will prevail.

“I thank the team who have been working really hard. All I can promise is that we will do whatever it takes. We are determined, and we will work so that all Nigerians can feel the impact of good governance,” the president said.

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