My activism birthed Nigeria’s democracy – Sowore

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, speaking on the topic ‘Why youths don’t participate in Nigeria politics,’ in an interview with Super screen TV said
“A lot of politician lies and sugarcoat, that’s why I don’t like to be called a politician cause it makes me feel I’m part of them.”

He said he is different in character, he has made sacrifices and has scars to show for it. “Nigerian people gained democracy as a result of my activism. That was the most important thing when I was young. The goal was to drive the military out however, it is very disappointing that the democracy turned out to be fake.”

Sowore said the people that were drove out in the 90s are now back, citing example of president muhammad Buhari who was the head of state in 1984 and still the president in 2023.

Young people in Nigeria are limited in politics because the designed system wouldn’t allow young people to make progress, sowore said in a response to a question about why young people are limited inside politics.

“In 1925, young people created nigerian youth movement to fight for Independents. People like herbert macaulay, okoli, young women of then are not excluded. Overtime, young people are being relegated to the background and now, young people are being engaged in thuggery,” Sowore said.

“Young people are running to abroad to find greener pastures. What society does to it’s young people is to educate them, provide other opportunity for people who are not interested in school, provide job, that’s how to get society developed,” he said.

Sowore said enforcing digitized economy would tackle corruption and allow transparency and accountability.

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