Mohbad’s Mother Petitions Police over Threats from Ex-Husband, Joseph Aloba


According to reports, Abosede Olumiyi, the mother of the late Afrobeats star, Mohbad, has filed a petition with the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 2, and the Lagos State Police Command. The petition highlights alleged threats to her life made by her ex-husband, Joseph Aloba.

In the petition filed by her lawyer, Kabir Akingbolu of Salawu, Akingbolu & Co. law firm, Abosede Olumiyi has alleged that her ex-husband, Joseph Aloba, is threatening her life due to her refusal to engage in spreading falsehoods against the late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, concerning the singer’s untimely passing.

Abosede Olumiyi, in her petition, has disclosed that the intensity of the threats and intimidation from her ex-husband, Joseph Aloba, became so unbearable that she was forced to relocate to a different residence in another area.

Abosede Olumiyi accused her ex-husband, Joseph Aloba, of sharing her new address on social media and making chilling threats about pursuing her relentlessly. She has stated in the petition that Aloba allegedly boasted that he would track her down and take action against her, regardless of her attempts to escape his reach.

The petition partly read: “This act has made our client to be living in fear with an unsettled mind.

“Our Client is not dragging anything with Mr Joseph Aloba than how the body of her deceased son will be laid to rest peacefully to enable her to get over the trauma of losing such a promising child to the cold hands of death, untimely.

“Sequel to the foregoing, we humbly request that the authority should step in to save our client from this imminent danger from the sinister man so as to prevent our client from being sent to an early grave.

“We, therefore, hope that you will employ the power of your good office to get justice for our client by stepping in to save her life.”

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