Minimum Wage Negotiations Resume Amidst Discord: Government Proposes N54,000, Labour Insists on N615,000


The organized labour unions in Nigeria have collectively rejected the federal government’s proposed minimum wage of N54,000, according to a highly reliable source who attended the negotiation meeting.

In a telephone conversation with SaharaReporters, Nigeria Labour Congress spokesperson Benson Upah confirmed the rejection of the federal government’s proposed minimum wage of N54,000. This revelation comes as negotiations between organised labour and the government have reached a stalemate, prompting concerns about the ongoing economic challenges faced by Nigerian workers.

“They proposed it today but we rejected it. We are still insisting on N615,000. We can’t accept the N54,000 they proposed,” he told SaharaReporters.

PurpleWorld had previously reported on organised labour’s rejection of the initial N48,000 minimum wage proposal made by the Nigerian government last Wednesday. This development occurred during a meeting of the Tripartite Committee on the Minimum Wage, where labour leaders expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s offer and called for a more substantial increase.

The organised labour unions have maintained their stance on a N615,000 minimum wage demand, citing concerns over the country’s rising inflation rate. Despite the government’s proposal of N54,000, labour leaders argue that this amount is insufficient to meet the needs of workers, particularly as the cost of living continues to increase.

In an effort to ensure fair compensation for Nigerian workers, organised labour has emphasized that their demand may be subject to further revisions should inflation rates continue to escalate.

It has given the federal government until May 31 to conclude negotiations on the new national minimum wage. This ultimatum comes as labour leaders express their determination to secure a fair and livable wage for Nigerian workers amidst ongoing economic challenges.

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