Marry as Many Times as You Like Until It’s Right, Actor Yul Edochie Advises


Yul Edochie has ignited a fiery debate with his unconventional take on marriage, stating that one can marry up to 50 times in the quest to find their perfect life partner.

In his recent interview, Yul Edochie shared his views on marriage, stating that it should never be considered a matter of life and death, and that individuals should know when to move on if their marriage is not working out.

He emphasized the importance of understanding when a relationship has run its course and avoiding staying in an unfulfilling or toxic situation just for the sake of societal norms. Instead, he advocated for finding the strength to leave a marriage that has become unhealthy or incompatible, and to not be afraid to embark on a new journey in pursuit of a happier and more fulfilling life.

‘’Marriage is not a do or die thing. No! It could work. If you see it’s not working, walk away. Respectfully. You don’t have to hurt each other, you don’t have to…Once you walk away and you see the next person you want to marry, marry. If it doesn’t work again, go. See another one again, marry. You can marry fifty times.

“You can’t control how people react towards you. What makes me happy is different from what makes is going to make you happy and do not let anyone tell you do this and it will be good for you. No! Find out what works for you. And if you decide in this life that you will not marry till you die, please don’t marry. Be happy’’, he said.

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