Man Laments Alleged Police Extortion, Narrates How He Was Forced To Gather N20,000


A man named Medal Owolabi has lamented over police extortion on his Facebook account. The alleged extortion was said to have happened in the Ojuelegba area of Lagos state where the police mounted a road block.

Owolabi narrated how his lady’s bike was forcefully collected from him by men of the Nigerian police force. This happened after he showed them all the documents they asked for. He further revealed how he was whisked away in gestapo manner, stating that one collected his bike and drove off while the others forced him inside a bus.

“Gud morning to everyone,SOME TEAM OF POLICE MEN ARRESTED MY LADIES PRIVATE BIKE YESTERDAY BY 4PM FOR COSTAIN WEN i GOING BACK HOME FROM WORK. THE ASK ME FOR MY DOCUMENT AND LARAS CARD I SAID I HAVE EVERYTHING.I DIDN’T DRAG ANYTHING WITH THEM .AND I ASK THEM Y DEM CATCH ME NO EVIDENCE.ONE OF THEM DROVE MY BIKE AND LIKE FOUR OF THEM ASK ME TO ENTER A BLUE SMALL BUS. AND THEY THEY DRIVE ME GO WERE I NO KNW.AND IN THE BUS THEY WERE ASKING ME THE KIND OF WORK I DO I TOLD THEM I WORK AT IKOYI I showed them my work card. And they ask me wat I should do the necessary I told them I have 4k on me and I was pleading they said I should bring 50k and I told them I don’t have 50k I can only afford 5k.they said 20k last. They were asking me were did I come from all those stupid questions. And boom I met my self for barracks bus stop ojuelegba side I know the place and I recognize those that collected that arrested my private bike. I WAS PLEADING WITH 5K AND I WENT AND WITHDRAW 10K STILL PLEADING COS WERE I DEY STAY FAR IKOTUN SIDE. I even call one of my oga from work to speak with them. They insisted on 20k and I will still pay #500 for gate fee. I need to call people to send me extral 5k making it 15k the officer still insisted on 20k till he later came out and call me to come around almost 11pm in the nite. My wife and son were outside waiting for me to come back from work. This officers re not helping this country with this hard time at all. People re really suffering cos I saw lots of things there yesterday. That wat they do for leaving and they work in team.”

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