Man Arrested for Murder of Mother and Sister in Gruesome Double Homicide

The Enugu State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of Somadina Orji from Igboariam in Anambra State for allegedly killing his mother, Mrs Charity Orji, and his sister, Miss Ukamaka Orji. 

According to reports, the tragic incident occurred on Monday, December 4, 2023, at Umuagu Inyi, Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State.

The late Charity, who was married in Igboariam but residing in her family house in Inyi, had been living with her children for some years. The suspect, reportedly involved in drug dealing, had ongoing issues with his mother.

A community leader, Mr Ben Obi, revealed that the trouble began weeks ago when Somadina had a dispute with his younger brother. The mother intervened, reporting the incident to the kingsmen, expressing concern that Somadina intended to harm his younger brother.

Tragically, after the mother went for a condolence visit, Somadina killed and buried her in a shallow grave upon her return. The younger brother, noticing the mother’s absence, raised an alarm, leading to Somadina’s confession when villagers interrogated him.

Somadina also confessed to killing his younger sister weeks before. The remains of both victims were exhumed, deposited at the mortuary, and the suspect was arrested. Charity, who sold fufu to support her family, faced a tragic end.

Community leaders, including Mr. Ben and Mr. Ejike Tasie, urged government intervention to prevent such incidents in the future. The coordinating president general in Oji River highlighted the alarming drug use in Inyi, calling on anti-drug agencies to address the issue.

DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the Command’s spokesperson, confirmed the suspect’s arrest, stating that investigations are ongoing, and once concluded, the suspect will be prosecuted in court.

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