Lagos State Government Threatens Sanctions Against Teachers Conducting Paid Extra Lessons After School Hours


The Lagos State Government has announced its intention to crack down on teachers and schools that continue to exploit the extra hour after official closing time for paid extra lessons.

Jamiu Tolani Alli-Balogun, the Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education in Lagos State, made this known during a visit to a school within the Amuwo-Odofin community.  During the visit, Alli-Balogun highlighted the importance of upholding fairness and transparency in the education system, particularly regarding the issue of unauthorized paid extra lessons.

He emphasized the significance of utilizing the extra hour after school for extra-curricular activities, as reported by The Nation. He said students must be encouraged to engage in various social clubs and activities, such as the Red Cross, Red Crescent, Boys Scout, Boys/Girls Brigade, STEM Club, Writing, and Debate Club.

He expressed his disappointment over the frequent disruption of the first lesson in many public schools across the state. Alli-Balogun condemned this practice, often perpetrated by teachers, and issued a stern warning that any teacher found guilty of dereliction of duty would face severe consequences.

“Do your job at the right time between 8am -2pm, leave the extra hour either for reading or extra-curricular activities. We would no longer condone using that time for fee-paying extra lesson in our schools. Education is free in Lagos State and nobody should be charging any fee for anything,” the commissioner said.

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