Kogi University Horror: Two Students Reportedly Killed by Kidnappers After Ransom Failure


The chilling aftermath of a terrorist invasion at Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, Kogi State has been uncovered, as two of the abducted students have reportedly been killed by their captors.

In a brazen and terrifying act of violence, a group of bandits stormed Confluence University of Science and Technology, targeting students preparing for their upcoming examinations. Armed with weapons and hell-bent on inflicting terror, the bandits made their way through dense foliage before bursting into three lecture halls, firing shots into the air to subdue the frightened students.

This brazen attack, which took place only weeks ago, sent shockwaves through the university community, transforming what should have been a period of quiet study and intellectual pursuit into a scene of chaos, fear, and bloodshed.

In the wake of this harrowing ordeal, the identities of the two slain students have been revealed, adding a heartbreakingly human dimension to the tragedy. Michael Anajuwe James and Musa Hussein were the unfortunate victims of the bandits’ ruthless act, their promising lives cut short by violence and terror.

This gut-wrenching development was confirmed to SaharaReporters by Michael’s brother, who in a phone conversation on Sunday morning bore witness to the unthinkable loss of his brother and another young life.

Michael’s body, along with that of fellow student Musa Hussein, was found in a forest in neighboring Kwara State.

A video captured the aftermath of this horrific incident, revealing the bodies of Michael Anajuwe James and Musa Hussein lying motionless on a paved road. The graphic and disturbing footage, obtained by SaharaReporters, confirmed the worst fears of the students’ families and the university community, serving as a grim testament to the devastating consequences of the bandits’ unspeakable actions.

“The truth is that the government really lied about the rescue of the students. Those they claimed they rescued were those students hiding inside the forest during the invasion.

“But the real ones that were kidnapped, including my brother, were not rescued. They have been with the terrorists since that day,” the family source told SaharaReporters, lamenting that the Kogi State Government abandoned the kidnapped students.

The grief-stricken brother of Michael Anajuwe James painted a chilling picture of the terrorists’ unrelenting demand for ransom, as he described the harrowing attempts to negotiate the release of his sibling.

Despite repeated entreaties and offers of up to N4 million, the bandits remained stubbornly fixed on their outrageous ransom demand of N100 million, seemingly unmoved by the desperation and anguish of the students’ loved ones. According to Michael’s brother, the terrorists’ primary motivation was to extract a payment from the government

The grieving brother: “They established a call to demand a ransom of N200 million. Though, I tried negotiating with them, they insisted on N100 million. They (the government) felt reluctant to pay. The state government was sluggish, slow to take action.”

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