Joe Igbokwe: Provide Evidence Against IPOB or Face Litigation ~ Onuoha E. Onuoha


A post had been circulating the social media courtesy of barristerng that IPOB set Joe Igbokwe’s house in Nnewi on fire.
Recall that IPOB ably by Nnamdi Kanu has on numerous occasions reiterated their Non-violence stance on the restoration of BIAFRA hence arious ligations against and with the Federal Government in various courts of competent jurisdictions.

It is however appalling that some paid agents of darkness and unprofessional media practitioners have resorted to malicious slander and Character assassination in a bid to be in the good books of their paid masters.
The Government of Anambra State through the Chief Security of the State after due and thorough investigations resolved that the violence and blood letting in the most peaceful state in Nigeria today is being perpatrated by unscrupulous Politicians and political parties who are desperate in distablizing the state in order to secure power by all means come this November 6 Gubernatorial Election.

Moreover, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) through its Media and Publicity Secretary Mr. Emma Powerful have on more than one occasion said they have not made any official statement concerning Anambra Election and therefore has no hand in the violence that has greeted the state recently.

Furthermore, IPOB has reportedly discovered those tesponsio for the recent blood letting and violence in the state which had been confirmed to be politically motivated through her M-Branch of Intelligence gathering and had accused Mr. Hope Uzodimma the super-imposed Governor of Imo state.

It is therefore very heartless of barristerng to accuse IPOB through her report that IPOB is responsible for the burning of Joe Igbokwe’s House. What is the evidence that IPOB burnt the house? Who conducted the investigation? Was the investigation thorough and unbiased? Did the investigators take pictures of the perpatrators of this huinous act? Were there IPOB identity cards that fell off the crime scene?
We are Igbos. We Igbos can never be turned against each other just to suit the political will of a few desperate power grabbers as that will be shooting ourselves in the leg.
Credible and professional journalism should be laced with Truth nurtured with conscience.

I therefore urge the Publishers and Editors of this wicked remarks meant to tarnish the image IPOB thus giving a dog a bad name in order to kill it to as a matter of urgency provide evidence against IPOB of burning down Joe Igbokwe’s house or bring down this post with immediate effect failure of which might attract a heavy litigation against them for malicious slander and Character assassination at any court of competent jurisdiction.” Onuoha E. Onuoha stated.

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