Islam and the Washing Machine: Social Critic, Oluwaseyifunmi Oyetunbi, Lambasts Imam’s Misguided Interpretation of Quran


Social critic Oluwaseyifunmi Oyetunbi has strongly condemned an Imam’s interpretation of the Quran that reportedly forbade women from using washing machines to clean their husbands’ clothes, calling out the Imam’s misguided teachings and the danger of religious fundamentalism that such interpretations represent.

Oluwaseyifunmi Oyetunbi, via his Facebook page, expressed strong disapproval of a viral clip he saw on Twitter, of an Imam warning women against the use of washing machines for their husbands’ laundry, questioning whether the Quran actually prohibits the use of such modern technology.

“Does Quran forbid the use of washing machine?”, Oyetunbi queried.

“I saw a clip on twitter where an Imam was giving a stern warning to women on the use of washing machine to wash their husbands’ clothes. He didn’t only warn them to refrain from relying on machine to do that domestic need, his emphasis accompanied curses for those who way not take heed. He also gave his points, either ludicrous or plausible, with backings from the Holy Quran.”, he wrote.

The Imam’s words, which according to Oyetunbi declared that “any woman using a washing machine to wash her husband’s clothes is not walking the path that will prosper her children,” sent shockwaves through the social critic, who noted that numerous congregants listened to this misguided advice without offering any rebuttal or disagreement.

The scenario described by Oyetunbi suggests a troubling level of obedience and conformity within the congregation, as well as a lack of critical thinking and dissent toward a potentially harmful interpretation of the Quran.

“In his words “any woman that’s using washing machine to wash her husband’s clothes is not walking the path that will prosper her children. You can do your laundry and that of your kids with machine but your husband’s clothes have to be washed with bare hands.” People in their number were there listening to this Imam, nobody stood up for a rebuttal or to at least call it a day.”, Oyetunbi added.

Incensed by the Imam’s claims, Oyetunbi emphasized that the Imam’s interpretation of the Quran was unfounded, and he expressed disbelief that the Imam could make such assertions given the wealth of scientific and technological advancements seen in Islamic countries.

However, Oyetunbi suggested that the Imam’s assertions were motivated by a desire for attention and personal gain, rather than a sincere adherence to Islamic teachings, and expressed frustration with the lack of critical engagement among the congregants in questioning the Imam’s claims.

“I know he’s not making sense and this might not necessarily imply that Quran forbid the use of technology, he just chose to say what he likes to his docile congregants. If the Republic of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar can do all wonders you can imagine with technology and science, it would be wrong to believe the said Imam had a solid reference to make in Quran.

“I wasn’t even disturbed about the Imam and his belief, people do anything to get attention if it translates to feeding themselves and their family. But I really don’t understand why nobody was bold enough to tell the Imam he needs doctor’s prescription.”

Oyetunbi ended his scathing critique of the Imam’s claims by echoing Karl Marx’s famous assertion that religion is the “opium of the masses,” highlighting the potential for religious doctrines to be used to manipulate or pacify the masses.

“Religion is really powerful. Karl Marx was thoughtful to have described it as the opium of the masses. Because, I don’t understand the amount of Vodka you’ll take that would help you listen to that nonsense.”

In a possible turn of events, Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed, a journalist based in Kwara state, commented under Oyetunbi’s post that the Imam had retracted his previous words and issued an apology, although this information has yet to be verified by PurpleWorld.

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