I Was Beaten, Dragged On The Ground Because I Requested To See My Colleague, Man Narrates Ordeal With Police Officers In Ado Central Police Command

A man identified as Moyinoluwa Victor has narrated how men of Ado Central Police Command in Ekiti treated him after he went to visit a colleague who was arrested.

In a statement received by one of our correspondent, Victor narrated how one DSP ordered his men to beat him because he put on a beret and he was accused of constituting nuisance.

“I received a call from one Adekule Sunday around 10:05am on 12/01/23 that one of our colleague named fakunle ADEMOLA has been arrested since 11/01/23 concerning phone transaction.

“I told Sunday that I will be on my way to the station with immediate effect.
I asked for the station address and he told me that it’s Ado central police command okesha Ado Ekiti.

“I arrived there alone around 10:25am that same morning and I walk to the station counter to ask of my colleague who’s been in their net.
I was directed to the investigative police officer’s office and I proceeded according to the description given to me at the counter.

“From far distance someone shouted that he doesn’t want to see me at the station and I asked why ?
His voice alerted other officers in the complex building, and one dsp Afolalu said must I constitute nuisance? And I asked him oga pls which nuisance have I constituted here? Someone said he’s doesn’t want to see me here and I asked why ? Is that what you’re calling nuisance?
The rest is history as people used to say bcus immediately dsp Afolalu said to his boys treat his fuck up and detained him.

“Over 12police officers hold a beating feast on me along the Afolalu joined them in the beaten processing and I keep shouting what have I done officer?
None of them responded
They keep on beating me for over 30minutes straight.

“Later Afolalu said I’m a terrorist for putting on a revolution now beret to the station.
He said he’s been looking for what he will use to hold me down and now I’ve put on a beret to the station
After they’ve satisfied their beaten fest he now called RRS team to come and pick me up to their command that a terrorist has been arrested
They broke my phone ,tore my cloth,injured my leg and shoulder ,gave left ear inner bleeding.

“I spent the night at the RRS and was later charged to court around 1pm yesterday 13/01/2023 for conduct likely to breaches of peace.
They denied me access to my phone since the moment they started thief beating feast till around 5pm yesteray after I’ve perfected my bail
Till now I don’t know my crime and what I’ve done to deserve the treatment DSP Afolalu and sulpo Fakunle gave to me.”

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