Hushpuppi’s alleged girlfriend shows support

Hushpuppi’s alleged girlfriend shows support

Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi’s alleged girlfriend, Amirah Dyme has taken to her social media page to backtrack after making insensitive comment shortly after news of his arrest by INTERPOL went viral on the internet.

Recall that Amirah in a post on her Instagram page talked about how Hushpuppi looks down on people who work legitimately for their money.

She also talked about how Karma is a bitch and she hopes he likes his prison uniform.


Well, after backlash the model has come out to deny what she posted. According to her the post was meant for a whole different thing.

Amirah claims when she made the post that she hasn’t heard anything about Hushpuppi’s arrest.

In her new post she wrote:

“ppl who know me including him know….

“Never assume when u see shit before you heard the story.

“If there’s anybody in this world who wants him to be fee it’s me.



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