Group Faults Uniosun Students’ Union Election, Laments Electoral Malpractices


In a statement recently released by the Take It Back Movement, Osun state chapter, signed by Martins Jesulofunmi, the coordinator for the campus wing in the state. The group claim that there are reports of underground electoral malpractice that the institution’s management has in mind to play out to manipulate the union for their purpose.

The statement reads:

“In continuation to our previous statement, where we stated clearly, that the attention of the movement is on the Osun State University Students’ Union Election, due to the reports of underground electoral malpractice that the institution’s management has in mind to play out to manipulate the union for their purpose. It becomes a necessity to release a statement in this regard as the obvious which was predicted earlier in the previous statement is undoubtedly what played out in the concluded election.

“The OSUSU election was clearly a replica of the everyday Nigeria Elections, in fact, the tactics used in these elections seems to be one that has never been experienced even in the Nigeria history of rigging and election malpractices. Qualified candidates were suddenly declared disqualified on the day of election without prior notice to the candidates or to even the electorates. The disqualification happens within a twinkle of an eye that left electorates in utter surprise, as there was no reason at all for the disqualification of these candidates who had already done their manifesto days before the election.

“It then became obvious what the Acting Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Oluseye Abiona, had in mind when he went against the Union’s constitution to constitute an Electoral Committee, sidelining a whole campus from the committee. This is an aberration and must be shunned. It was basically to use the Electoral Committee to manipulate the election by disqualifying candidates unjustly, thereby confusing electorates.

“Take It Back Movement condemns the Election process in all totality and enjoins the Student of Osun State University to declare the election result unacceptable. Students must take to their feet to defend the sovereignty and independence of their union, as a union is meant to be a voice for the students. Showing cowardice at this point will only turn the union to a toothless bull dog at the end of the day, hence failing woefully at her purpose.

“That said, it is important to send a stern warning to the Acting Dean Of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Oluseye Abiona to desist totally from whatsoever intentions he has in mind to use the union for. Osun State University Students’ Union will not be a toy for the management, but rather a voice to the Students. Continuous attempt to hijack the union from the Students’ care will only lead him to utter disgrace in the end, as students will not sit back and watch their voice being shut down.

“Lastly, we reiterate that the beauty of a Students’ Union lies in her independency in decision-making, hence it is not a toy for the management to use for whatever schemes they have in mind. We hope that Students and active Union bodies on campus, like ASUU, will join hand in ensuring that the union gains its total freedom from the managements’ schemes.

Let’s not forget, That if we fight we might win, but if we fail to fight, we already lost.”

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