Femi Fani Kayode is simply an accidental moralist, arrogant statesman, bully and a hypocrite ___Written by Segun Adesokan

Femi Fani Kayode is simply an accidental moralist, arrogant statesman, bully and a hypocrite.
He should go and apologize to the the young journalist.

I strongly consider Nigeria to be plagued not only by clueless and irresponsible fiscal managers of its resources, but also by wilfully dishonest and unrepentant hypocrites, whose sense of morality is not only neauseating but also, a mockery to their self acclaimed moral creed.
Femi Fani Kayode fits into this beautiful description as the number one personality in Nigeria I found worthy to occupy this highly exalted throne, as the imperial majesty, king of all hypocrites, and a bully, whose beastly nature does not deserve our public space nor national attention.
He’s been so clever at this game, over the years as he unsuspectingly whip up all kinds of doctored sentiments in his desperate attempt to validate his jaundiced, populist and infantile argument by always playing to the gallery. At some points he plays the Pro IPOB, friend of the masses, anti suppression and Human right activist. But in the real sense of it, his public conduct runs contrary to some of this confusing values.
If not until the death of Abba Kyari, his chameleonic nature would have continued to fool and play on the sensibilities of many Nigerians.
For Fani Kayode, his morality is defined by the the political party anyone he’s paid to take on belongs to. Everything starts and ends on the alter of naira.
Why wouldn’t we forgive him. He’s a politician after all, and their slogan posits: “man must wack”
This same stomach infrastructure lifestyle which drives his fellow professional politician could have been the motive behind his recent trip around some States, which I’ll get to in a moment.
Here’s the jist, for which FFK is currently trending…
As part of activities which is had marked FFK’s visit, attending press conferences part of the script, where he fields questions from reporters, which also allows him to praise sing his alleged paymasters, as suspected by many Nigerians.
Recall he had been touring round the South East and South South lately. And everywhere he goes, he assumes the unofficial, self appointed mouth piece of his host governors, drumming their achievements to high heavens.
A standoff had ensued between him and a young journalist, for which, Femi Fani Kayode threw all caution to the air, hurled all kinds of verbal assaults, so shamefully like a rabid fox, waiting to pounce on a tiny ant who strayed off on its meal.
The journalist asked him a simple direct question which bothers on whether or not someone, somewhere, was bankrolling all his trips, and tours for which all the project inspection were being carried out. This question, perhaps could be a response to what critics would like to know whether were reasons behind FFK’s critical views on the opposition.
What the journalist simply implied was: are you being sponsored by someone……?
The only sin by this young and timid reporter was his inability to rephrase his question in order to dig out the real intention behind Femi Fani Kayode’s love and support for some politicians while in contrast, criminalize and demonize others.
In response to this seemingly innocent enquiry, Femi Fani Kayode revealed his true repulsive, dirty, petty and irritating nature as a tyrant, bully, egocentric, arrogant, pompousity by verbal assaulting, harassing, intimidation, disgracing and threatening the young man to an intimidating and fearful silence.
In another similar circumstance, FFK was so pompous in his boasting as a rich kid born into wealth, affluence, novelty and splendor as the son of former Deputy Premier of old western Region and as a two time Minister, on similar enquiry.
While he rant and raged uncontrollably like a sex starved angry Rwandan Buffalo on heat, at this point I had to take a long pause to look at FFK for whom he was. I tried to imagine political power in the hands of this man called FFK or a revolver rifle in his hand. What really happened to Femi Fani’s self confessing staremsnship, selflessness, virtue and self control? Has he lost his sanity, decorum and Public mannerisms?
I’m even almost tempted to believe the likelyhood of FFK being a wife beater. This perhaps may accounted for his several failed marriages, being with the forth wife!
What happened to all the jaundiced and hypocritical value being written about on his Facebook pages? What’s now the difference him and all the people he had always criticized?
Unfortunately, very unfortunate that while other journalists looked on, they could not help their drowning Comrade by shedding more views on the question FFK perceived to be insulting. You know why? Poverty wouldn’t allow them to professional take charge of the situation.
The reporter may have goofed, in the manner with which he asked such a direct question, but as an experienced former spokesman, he could have seized such avenue to lay bare the record. The atmosphere itself is filled with suspicion, so, the reporter isint really wrong for asking?
I’m still not done with FFK…
Recently, also, opinions were divided as thousands of Nigerians rose up in defence of Professor Wole Soyinka in what some described as unforgivable act of disrespect, immoral and unmannerly act against an elder.
This young Nigerian identified asTunde Odunfa, a fellow air passenger is the one whose seat was mistakenly taken over.
According to the narration, a young Nigerian had bought an airline ticket for a journey, upon arriving at the seat allocated to him, as indicated in his ticket, another passenger had occupied his seat, which turned out to be our most distinguished literary generalissimo, Professor Wole Soyinka. The young man informed the Prof. about the wrong seat he was occupying and the need to undo the numeric disrupting of seat allocation. That was the summary of the whole episode.
Some fragmented details of the Melo drama between Prof. Soyinka and the young Nigerian filtered into the Nigerian media space, sparking off sporadic reactions from hundreds of thousands of concerned Nigerians who took unrestrained swipe at the young man for his immoral effontry to have ordered an old man in the stature of Prof. Wole to get up. On the other hand, thousands of others pulled their weight behind the young man, hailing his decision, for having asked for what rightfully belonged to him.
Fani Kayode rose in defence of Prof. by throwing all shades and colors of unprintable insults on the young man for having told the prof his error.
I’m still very much surprised how just recently, FFK as he’s fondly called, have suddenly become moral instructor overnight and expert opinion on civility, moral etiquette and courtesies.
This same FFK would look at all Muslims in the face, northern Monarchs old enough to be his father and other eminent Nigerians and call them all accursed slaves, useful idiots, fools, tyrants and hell bound animals.
Did you remember how he took Anthony JOSHUA to the cleaners for Postrating to President Mohammadu Buhari, as a sign of respect as a decent Yoruba boy, recently?

Written by: Segun Adesokan

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