Family Mourns 36-Year-Old Woman Killed by Ex-Boyfriend in Lagos State

A woman named Adesanya Sarah, 36, has been allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend in the Ojodu area of Lagos State on Sunday.

Speaking on behalf of the family on Sunday in a post on her X handle, Sarah’s sister @Lahyorbronze alleged that the ex-boyfriend after murdering her, killed himself.

“I don’t know what happened or how it happened. Her neighbour called to break the news. My worst fear has come to pass,” she wrote.

When contacted on the phone, Lahyorbronze told reporters that her sister (Sarah) was making plans to relocate to Canada this week before she was allegedly killed.

Lahyorbronze made it known on her X handle that she had reported a case of domestic abuse by the ex-boyfriend on behalf of the late Sarah to the police but was told that the victim (Sarah) should be the one to file the report.

According to her, Sarah was no longer in a relationship with the ex-boyfriend.

“Our family tried to keep her away from the guy because he always beat her up, but we don’t know what happened and when he started seeing her again.

“I and my family are going through pain people are dragging us on social media saying that my late sister was with the guy because of his money.

“Not that he was rich, no. My sister was the one feeding him and doing everything yet he kept beating her,” she said.

A now-deleted graphic video that went viral on social media on Sunday showed the lifeless bodies of Sarah and the ex-boyfriend on the floor in a pool of blood.

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