Ebonyi State University Mourns Final-Year Student, Favour Ugwuka, Who Committed Suicide


Favour Ugwuka, a final-year student studying English at Ebonyi State University in Abakaliki, has taken her own life.

It has been reported that prior to her death, Favour Ugwuka had been voicing concerns about a lecturer’s unfair treatment. The lecturer had allegedly failed her repeatedly without providing sufficient justification for his actions.

In a widely circulated audio clip obtained by PurpleWorld, Favour Ugwuka is heard expressing her anguish over being unjustly failed by a lecturer. The student reported that despite spending an additional year at Ebonyi State University and doing her best in lectures, the lecturer consistently failed her without providing legitimate reasons for his actions.

She said, “I am tired of this school, is it because I no be indigene or know anybody for here? Because what is the meaning of this? After paying N130,000 for extra year, make I come pay another one because why will Dr Enyi fail me? For what? After attending classes.

“How will one person be the only person to fail me? Out of how many lecturers that do not even know my face. From year one till today, how will you be the only one?”

In another video, the mother of Favour Ugwuka could be seen transporting her daughter’s remains to Ebonyi State University campus and confronting the lecturer who is alleged to have driven the young woman to suicide.

The grieving mother, overwhelmed by the tragedy of losing her child, reportedly arrived on campus with the deceased’s body and directed her anguish toward the lecturer, holding him accountable for the alleged mistreatment and injustice that led to her daughter taking her own life.

She passionately demands that Dr Enyi come forth and “carry” her daughter, emphasizing the lecturer’s supposed self-perceived superiority and the tragic consequences of his actions.

The mother’s words, “Dr Enyi said he is the best, that nobody can teach like him.”

A PUNCH investigation has discovered that, according to the institution’s records, the late Favour Ugwuka passed all her courses except for one particular subject, which she failed repeatedly due to the alleged vindictive behavior of its lecturer. This lecturer had reportedly made a vow to ensure that she would never pass his course, as corroborated by a former student, Rex Nwome.

Nwome, a graduate of the university, confirmed to PUNCH that Ugwuka’s failure to pass the course in question drove her to commit suicide.

According to Punch, Rex said, “Favour was my classmate and a best friend to me in the English Department. The above-mentioned lecturer did vow never to allow Favour to graduate.

“You could imagine where she later passed all the courses except that lecturer’s that, she had to pay another extra year tuition fee to rewrite.

“Unfortunately, the man failed her again. What resulted in this intense depression is the latest NYSC names that were recently shortlisted, and her name wasn’t there.”

He added, “The girl suffered a lot of depression because she was only left wandering about the EBSU seeking help. She was very desperate to graduate and serve. This and many more of the disgusting stories resulted in this suicide mission.

“I wish she didn’t go this far to end her life. R. I. P Ugwuka Favour till we meet to part no more.”

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