Covid19: Edo state to reopen after June 28

Covid19: Edo state to reopen after June 28

In a briefing on Saturday, Governor Godwin Obaseki explained that the re-opening is scheduled to come after June 28, which is the expected peak date of the coronavirus pandemic in the state based on government models.

“We are not going to be in a permanent state of lockdown,” Obaseki said. “We have to now begin to learn to live with this virus.

“So the tendency all over the world now is to accept the reality of COVID-19 and see how we can now get people to adjust their behaviour.”

Obaseki condemned the actions of infected persons who chose to self-isolate rather than submit to government-approved facilities.

“Although we have comfortable facilities that can care up to 500 people at the Stella Obasanjo hospital, some persons are still refusing to isolate and receive treatment in this facility,” he said.

“They are rather opting to isolate themselves at home. And if you do so, the likelihood of infecting other people, particularly the elderly people around you is very high. And therefore we will be perpetuating more community transmission and spread the public health hazard.

“We frown against this selfish behaviour and henceforth we will be publishing a list of persons who refuse to isolate in our isolation and treatment centres.”

The Governor also reiterated that social distancing measures were still active in the state, despite the state’s imminent governorship elections.

“In view of the upcoming elections, and to reduce infection transmission rates during political gatherings, I have issued a gazette that provides guidance on how political parties can conduct their activities and rallies,” Obaseki said.

“There remains a restriction on the gathering of more than 20 persons.

“However, where a higher number of persons are required to gather, permits with specified locations, guidelines and supervision may be granted by the Edo state government.”


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