Comedian Seyi Law Says He Has Not Endorsed Tinubu for President

Comedian Seyi Law has denied claims that he urged people to vote for Bola Ahmed Tinubu for president.

Seyi Law said this in ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast.

He stated further that his support for Tinubu was based on his record as a leader in Lagos State. He believes that Tinubu has the experience and ability to move Nigeria forward.

Seyi Law also stated that he often discusses the issues facing Nigerians with Seyi Tinubu, the son of Bola Tinubu.

In his words, “I never said vote for Tinubu, go and check. I only wrote about the things he did in Lagos, and I said I will put Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as my candidate or is who I am voting for. I did’t tell you to vote for him and Seyi Law didn’t make the 8.9 million people that voted for Tinubu, I’m just a number amongst those numbers.

“I may have influence over some people, and I believe that he is the person that will take us to the place Nigeria has been yearning for. Every now and then, I screenshot posts from social media and send them to Seyi Tinubu because he is the person I’m closest to in the government.” Seyi Said.

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