Cholera Outbreak Reportedly Claims 15 Lives in Lagos, Authorities Warn of Highly Aggressive Strain


According to the Lagos State government, the recent Cholera outbreak has resulted in 15 fatalities, 350 suspected cases, and 17 confirmed cases in the state.

On Monday, Lagos State Health Commissioner, Professor Akin Abayomi, issued a warning about the recent Cholera outbreak, revealing that laboratory tests have identified a highly aggressive and contagious strain with the potential for rapid community spread.

On the epidemiological trends of the disease, the commissioner said that through community-based case finding and contact tracing, “We have observed that the number of cases has peaked and is now significantly declining, as illustrated in the accompanying graph.”

He said, “350 suspected cases of cholera were reported in 29 wards across multiple local government areas in Lagos State with 17 confirmed cases and 15 fatalities attributed to severe dehydration caused by delayed presentation.”

Professor Akin Abayomi also added that Lagos Island, with a total of 106 cases, has emerged as the epicentre of the current Cholera outbreak in Lagos State, closely followed by Kosofe with 49 cases.

He provided further details on the geographic distribution of Cholera cases in Lagos, revealing that in addition to Lagos Island and Kosofe, which have the highest number of cases, several other areas have also been affected by the outbreak.

Abayomi said, “We are receiving support from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and International partners, including the World Health Organisation Nigeria and UNICEF Nigeria.

“Local Non-Governmental organizations are actively involved in raising awareness and conducting community-based surveillance efforts.”

On public health campaigns, Abayomi said, “In light of the upcoming Ileya celebrations and the associated risks of transmission from gatherings and catering services, we are intensifying our public health prevention campaigns to prevent a resurgence.”

Professor Abayomi emphasized that the state is committed to providing effective and accessible medical care, announcing that all suspected Cholera cases are entitled to free treatment at state-run health facilities.

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