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CCB in disarray as Bola Tinubu’s case file disappears from asset declaration vault

Panic and confusion have gripped officials at the Code of Conduct Bureau after records relating to Bola Tinubu’s asset declaration suddenly disappeared from the storage facility that has held them for years, Peoples Gazette has learnt, heralding the latest in desperate larcenies of incriminating documents that have been the lifeblood of Nigerian politics for decades.

The disappearance could frustrate ongoing corruption investigation into Mr. Tinubu’s asset by the EFCC, Nigeria’s frontline anti-corruption outfit, which has apparently ignored the embattled politician’s political ties to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Three officials familiar with the matter told the Gazette that the bureau started looking for Mr. Tinubu’s asset filings after the EFCC requested copies as part of an ongoing investigation into the former Lagos governor’s financial and material possessions. Several offices have been rummaged at the bureau as officials scrambled to produce the documents for EFCC’s use — all to a dead end.

“We have searched for the case file everywhere because we want to comply with the lawful request made by the EFCC,” a top management official at the bureau told the Gazette. “We have not been able to find the documents either at the main head office or the annexe office in Asokoro.”

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