Catholic Priest Quits Church To Marry The Author Of A ‘Satanic’ Book


Xavier Novell, a 52 year old Spanish bishop has quit the church and stopped being a bishop after he reportedly fell in love with an author of ‘satanic’ fiction book.

The Catholic Priest, Mr. Novel who was the youngest bishop in the year 2010 in Spain, has finally resigned at the end of last month. He quit’s from the services of God for some personal reasons. One of the popular Catholic publications, Religion Digital made a report that Novell and Silvia, the author are in a relationship.

Novell made it clear that he has “fallen in love” and for that matter, he “wanted to even do the right thing” when he was asked during the interview about his relationship with this Silvia (the lady who wrote The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust and the erotic trilogy Amnesia).

The book we are talking about here “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust” deeply discusses occultism, sadism and covers the raw struggle between good and evil, God and Satan, and even angels and demons as well.
Many reports even claim that Pope Francis urgedNovell to have an exorcism himself to “free his troubled spirit” – but he did not agree to it at all.

The bishop has previously come under some fire before for his links to so-called “gay conversion therapy”. He was heavily accused of holding a wedding between a woman and one of the young men who attended the “treatment” – without the support or consent of the local priest or even the bride’s parents.

He has also been an outspoken supporter of the independence of Catalonia. Two former ministers from the rebel Catalan government who were even imprisoned on charges of sedition were some of those who expressed their support of Xavier’s resignation.

It is very unfortunate that a priest who should be seen as an example is going against the norm of a priest and doing such things.

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