Can’t Sharia be imposed not on those that don’t believe in the law? __Written by Olugbade Majeed Abiola. (Lèv)

Can’t Sharia be imposed not on those that don’t believe in the law? __Written by Olugbade Majeed Abiola. (Lèv)

Lèv writes to bitterly celebrate INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE DISAPPEARED.

The illustration of evil and bad, what is really wrong and a threat, what should be got rid of and campaign against, what is dangerous to humanity and humans is not really indefinite or capricious or what we should go all the way to Sokoto to search for, for it’s what we’re feeling at one side of our left chest and bottom middle right of our trousers.
There was a question asked Christopher Hitchens (a reputable atheist, professor & brilliant journalist) by Dennis Prager (one of America’s better-known religious broadcasters), he challenged him in public to answer what he called a “straight yes/no question” that he should imagine himself in a strange city as the evening was coming on. Toward him he was to imagine that he saw a large group of men approaching. Would he feel safer or less safer, if he was to learn that they were just coming from a prayer meeting?
Hitchens replied as if it were hypothetical “Just to say within the letter ‘B’, I have actually had that experience in Belfast, Beirut, Bombay, Belgrade, Bethlehem and Baghdad. In each case I can say absolutely and can give my reasons, why I would feel immediately threatened if I thought that the group of men approaching me in dusk were coming from religion observance”.
In black and white, we all know how perilous it could be for a well-known non-believer to face mob of believers. And in contrary how harmless a believer in same such situation. “What’s malevolence and what not is glaring if we truly want to be honest with oneself”.
April 30th 2020, a social media atheist was arrested in Kano for blasphemy- (The act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for any religion’s deity or deities.) by Sharia law and since then he has been locked up, denied access to lawyers, denied free hearing, restricted from seeing his family; loved ones; friends; being tortured and in time received many a death-threat from can be called God’s advocates if dare be released. And today makes it 124days of his disappearance.
So, I am joining thousands of hearty human beings, civil-rights activists, humanists, humanitarians, logical thinkers in clamouring for unconditional release and safety of Mubarak Bala under these premises:
it sounds barbaric for a man to be condemned and detained under the system of law that he doesn’t believe in and this prompts the question of ‘is Kano state a fully totalitarian Islamic state?’. If ‘YES’, then there is no freedom of religion in Nigeria, if ‘NO’ then the Sharia law shouldn’t be for non-Muslim in Kano state. It’s quite simple, Islam should never be imposed on citizens of anywhere in Nigeria since the country is a federal and democratic state. And if Islam is not to be imposed, there should be a thousand reason why a man that believes not in the religion and its law shouldn’t be arraigned under its law. Detaining of Mubarak Bala is imposition of religion and its system on him, therefore, denying him his fundamental human right to choose his religion. Similar case is of a non-vegetarian getting arrested and arraigned in Mumbai for eating beef.
We should remember that the man was arrested only over social media posts. He wasn’t arrested in one of the North’s forest with ammunitions killing innocent kids and women(in fact those that did were been laid down on bed and fanned by the government), Mubarak did not kidnap anyone nor was he a rapist, he embezzled not public funds nor bribe. He never committed treason nor planned a coup. Bala didn’t bomb a motor park nor arm-robbed a bank or its relatives. His only offence is sincere denier of any belief. So what is the point of death-threat on a man that isn’t of any threat?
HE TOO HUMAN: Bala Mubarak is an intellectual, a husband of a woman and father of children, a decent and outspoken scholar, a literary writer and a critic, a raw talent and one of the better hopes of better community. Even if such a man should be lost, he should be lost for something. Respect him as human being to contact his lawyer and family and should be given fair hearing.
LEAVE HIM FOR GOD TO PUNISH: you claim he blasphemed, then, leave him to the God he insulted for proper and more severe judgment. Who are you to be so strict a God’s advocate since he himself is omni benevolent and the owner the severest punishment(s). For prosperity purpose, why can’t you just let him go just to face a louder music from whom he blasphemed? Or what will make you different from those pagans you condemn, who their Idols can’t talk, speak, act or react and only exist as a result foolishness of their followers.
And we all are cognizant of the fact that all religions blaspheme the belief and God or gods of others. And any believer or non-believer is a non-believer in path and in belief of other believer. So tell the world what Bala Mubarak did again?
Though, I feel unsafe for what I’ve written yet some words are not better left unsaid. And justice and freedom worth clamour for.
Solidarity forever.
Join the clamour # FreeMubarakBala.

Olugbade Majeed Abiola. (Lèv)

One thought on “Can’t Sharia be imposed not on those that don’t believe in the law? __Written by Olugbade Majeed Abiola. (Lèv)

  1. It so unfortunately that we are operating a system of government far from Democracy,we are practicing kleptocracy system of government…
    Shall we not summon the Queen of England for another colonization?
    Isn’t it better to be slaves to other country’s system of government than to be slaves to our own system.
    What a failed country!!!
    It will be too fallacious to call Nigeria a democratic state.

    Nigeria must divide to unite..

    To draw the curtain,kudos for the explicit explanation of where we are as a Nation.

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