Bwatiye People of Adamawa State Unveils New Bible in Their Native Tongue


The Bwatiye people of Adamawa State, Nigeria, has unveiled a historic translation of the New Testament into their indigenous language.

The Bwatiye, known to reside in the Nigerian local government areas of Numan, Demsa, Girei, Fufore, and Lamurde, as well as parts of the neighboring Cameroon Republic, have been eager to possess the Holy Scriptures in their native tongue.

According to Linda Ikeji’s Blog, the recent public presentation of the Bwatiye New Testament Bible in Numan, Nigeria, revealed that the project was undertaken to enhance the spiritual experience of the Bwatiye people by making the word of God more accessible and personal to them.

Chief Maurice Yunobolki, the Chief Presenter of the Bwatiye New Testament Bible, expressed his optimism that the sacred text will bring the Bwatiye people closer together, enabling them to accomplish remarkable things both for themselves and for their faith.

Yunobolki suggested that the translated Bible, a symbol of spiritual and cultural pride, has the power to galvanize the community towards greater unity, enabling them to work together to achieve their aspirations and serve their higher purpose.

Bishop Bulus Taiya, a pivotal figure in the Bwatiye New Testament Bible translation project, shared his reflections on the arduous yet ultimately rewarding journey that led to the project’s successful completion. Recounting the project’s inception in 2011, Taiya detailed the challenges and hurdles that the team faced over the course of a decade. Nevertheless, their unwavering dedication and commitment to the cause persevered, enabling the project to finally come to fruition.

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