Buju Calls Out Lounge for Selling Fake Drinks at High Prices – Claims They’re Ripping Off Fans

Nigerian singer, Daniel Benson, known professionally as Bnxn and formerly known as Buju, has called out a lounge for selling him fake drinks at the same price as the authentic ones.

Bnxn, in a series of posts on his X account on Sunday, stressed the importance of respecting his health and money, urging the lounge to deliver what customers pay for.

Bnxn who didn’t disclose the name of the lounge warned that if it happened again, he’d take the microphone from the club’s hypeman to expose them.

He wrote, “Stop selling us fake drinks after spending so much money on the overpriced drinks. You’re killing us.

“Respect my health. Respect my money. Give me what I pay for. If you don’t have it, don’t bring a fake one!

“The next club or lounge that does this to me, I promise I will take that microphone from the hypeman and let you know!”

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