Buhari VS Godwin Emefiele: A tale of two comic jesters – Written by Segun Adesokan


Still on CBN’s controversial eNaira launch and its failed Google
PlayStore status.

By Segun Adesokan

If we may engage our CBN Governor further: What benefits exactly does the eNaira offers as a better means of
transactions as opposed to the boisterous and efficient online banking services offered by our digitally savvy commercial banks, or what value-added services and flexibility does it has to offer differently?

If Nigerians banks, in their wisdom had thought it wise by launching short codes as a means of promoting financial inclusion; thereby aiding people in remote places to transact
even without smart phones, then the eNaira appears to have failed if the only means by which Nigerians can access it is through internet enabled smart phones and more worryingly
via Google App store.

Given the pervading atmosphere of mistrust and cynicism often associated Nigeria’s Institution’s inability to be accountable, tact, productive and efficient, as seen in the mismanagement of Pension Funds, botched Air Nigeria Project, Endemically-Corruption-induced-NNPC Lameness, CACOVID mismanaged Donations, among other national
embarrassing Projects, would any sane Nigerian entrust their hard earned resources by banking on a phantom eNaira, whose launch has already been cut short by Google, due to bad reviews?

Buhari’s APC government, has again, by this thoughtless and jamboree, convinced Nigerians again, that his government is long discredited and absolutely confused.
They indeed need help and direction.

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