Buhari Has Sold Misgovernance, We Have To Pay With Revolution __ Written By Seyi Oyetunbi

Buhari Has Sold Misgovernance, We Have To Pay With Revolution __Written By Seyi Oyetunbi

The giant of Africa needs a political resuscitation for her to live again. If a government fails to be responsible, it then becomes a a matter of necessity for the people to organize and revolt. The nature of democracy is people-centred, that’s why it is described by a one-time US president, Abraham Lincoln (1809-​1865) to be “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” As it is that what we have in Nigeria’s democracy is government of the old, by the callous and for the rich, the country is due for a revolution; to put an end to the misrule of many decades.

The powerful few at the helms of affairs have long enjoyed the docility of the hoi polloi: children of nobody go through hassles to have a University education, graduate to be either underemployed or unemployed; the few powerful earn six figures salary yet tell the poor that a living wage of hundred thousand naira will cause inflation; no life supporting amenity is accessible to the poor; mass killing by bandits is now what we ear in news every day, corruption now sits on the constituted throne and illegality is now the way to get a good life. If there’s no revolution, there can’t be any sustainable change. Revolution is the elixir.

Buhari met the country sick, he came and injected it with lethal substance when we all had hope the promised change would be positive. The revolution is now and any effort to halt it will be met with adequate resistance. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. You can’t beat a child and ask him not to cry!

Buhari’s government has failed in its totality. And his efforts to abort the planned mass action is yet another proof that, expecting Buhari to be effective is like expecting to be served pork in the holy city of Mecca. Instead of running after shadow of RevolutionNow, why has he not tightened his belt to address issues raised by the campaigners of RevolutionNow?

The orange beret frightens Buhari than guns and other arsenal of Bokoharam as he is selfish, callous, reckless and myopic. Just a gun shot in the Villa, security officers got fired in 48hours, but the killing in North East and the increasing bandits attack in Southern Kaduna are not enough for him to send the incompetent Army chiefs packing.

The only thing that can stop the revolution is nothing. Buhari’s style of leadership and his sheer underperformance have birthed the much needed revolution that will hit the country by tomorrow. The Federal High Court in Abuja has said the protest is constitutional. Thus, police officers expected to be deployed should know they’re oppressed too, and should not be in a loggerhead with pained, subjugated, battered, frustrated citizens expressing their feelings. Any altercation between the oppressed and the oppressed defeats logic. The protest is planned to be peaceful and organized.

Seyi Oyetunbi 


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