It is disheartening that a viral BBC documentary on a cult group the BLACK AXE, portrayed Makoko, a poor community in Yaba LCDA, populated by industrious women, youths and other law abiding citizenry as a save Haven of cultism. Our community may be seen and regarded as a slum but we are invariably happy to lead a fulfilling life as a people. Our Community, Makoko have produced a National Team player Wasiu Sani in squash; A National Welterweight Boxing Champion – Friday, a former Lagos Mainland Local Government Vice Chairman – late Chief Miliki and 4 other Councilors among several other Professionals in all fields of human endeavours.

Many forward looking and progressive minded individuals have at one time or the other come into our rescue to feed the extreme poor among us. Anthony Joshua, World Heavy Weight Boxing Champion showcased his humane philanthropy with donations of foods, materials and money to the less privilege. Same with some faith based organisations and other God fearing individuals and Civil society groups that have been supportive to the Community.

We note the anti poor stand of the journalist and his paid for hatchet job by the Lagos State Government to give Makoko community a bad name as an excuse for the demolition by the state government.
We are aware that in recent times, some selfish individuals and money conscious corporate organisation in collaboration with the SanwoOlu Lagos State government have been trying in recent times to cause crises, imposed a Baale and unsuccessfully compromised the Olaiya family with #60million for Lagos State government to take over Appolo area.

Thus, we see the recent demonic link of Makoko with Black Axe barely 2weeks after political thugs refused a #5million naira inducement to burn down Makoko particularly Apollo, as a ploy, a sinister excuse to pave way for the age-long agenda to take over Makoko by the irresponsible Lagos State Government. Politicians, representing Lagos State political interest had approached about 5 youths whom they normally used as political thugs to burn down Makoko but they rejected the #5million offered to them because their parents live in the community and 2 of them also have multi million naira property in the area.

The BBC documentary on Makoko is an evil plot to displace residents of the community. We recall how state actors painted Maroko, Olaleye, and other poor populated areas as crime spots, an excuse to chase away the residents and take over the place. We call on all well meaning Nigerians and the International Community to disregard BBC documentary of hate on Makoko community.

Tunde Mayegun.

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