Baker Tina Ileogben Murdered in Her Own Home in Lagos, Heart Stolen From Chest

According to local authorities, a baker named Tina Ileogben was found dead in her home in the Dopemu area of Lagos, with her heart reportedly removed from her chest. The motive for the murder is still unknown, and the police are investigating the incident.

Local sources told PurpleWorld that Ms. Ileogben, a bakery employee, did not show up for work on Wednesday and did not respond to calls from her co-workers. Concerned for her well-being, a colleague was sent to check on her at her home, where they discovered her body.

Upon arriving at Ms. Ileogben’s residence, her colleague reportedly found the door unlocked and entered the home. Inside, they discovered Ms. Ileogben’s body lying on her bed, clearly deceased.

A neighbor named Segun, who lives in the area, told reporters that Ms. Ileogben’s colleague sounded the alarm after finding her body. Neighbors who responded to the scene reportedly observed that her throat had been cut and her heart was missing from her chest. While the exact circumstances of Ms. Ileogben’s death are still under investigation, the horrific details of her death have shocked and saddened the community.

He said, “The incident has thrown people including her neighbours into confusion. People got to know what happened to Ileogben when her colleague came to her flat.

“Ileogben’s colleagues did not see her at work and one of her colleagues came to check her at home when they could not reach her on the phone. It was when the colleague got to her flat, met the door open and entered that he saw her lifeless remains on the bed.

“The person who perpetrated the crime slit her throat, put a hand into her neck to access her chest and removed her heart. People saw some of her intestines around her neck and a doctor who was also at the crime scene confirmed that her heart had been taken away.”


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