All schools belong to the govt and are not returnable, fight or not, you will lose- Muslim cleric

On Wednesday, Christians and Muslims, both old and young ones took to the streets and fought dirt. Stones, sticks and dangerous objects were hurled to each other over the continued Hijab controversy rocking Kwara. The religious violence broke out today after the state government ordered the re-opening of the missionary schools earlier shut down few days ago.

Though no death was recorded but many people sustained injuries. The early intervention of the police saved the day from being generated into anarchy! Before now the missionary used to deny Muslim students wearing hijab despite being controlled by the state government.

This propelled Muslim parents to stage a protest against the ban.
During clash between Muslims and Christians in Ilorin,
the position of the state government is that since the missionary schools are under the state, the students have absolute right to use the Hijab and is in line with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Government. But this did not go down with the owners of the missionary schools.

In the meantime, the popular Islamic Cleric and founder of Jama’at Ta’awunil Muslimeen has blasted those Christians fighting against the use of Hijab in the schools saying they will eventually lose the fight! He insisted that all schools belong to the government and they are unreturnable. In that case, goverment rules should be sustained.

He further said their highest degree of hatred towards Muslims have made them to be blind not to read between the lines! In another post, the Cleric responded by describing these Christians protesting against Hijab as an act of madness. He said that Hijaab is for Muslim women not for Christians. So, why the problem?, Ameer Taawun queried.

Credit: PressExpress

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