Ajayi Crowther University Expels Students Involved in Fatal Fight


Ajayi Crowther University has taken a decisive stand against violence by expelling several students who participated in a deadly altercation that left one of their peers dead.

Addressing concerns about the possible involvement of cults or other organized crime in the fatal incident, the university has emphasized that the expelled students did not belong to any such groups, suggesting that the fight was an isolated incident.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Ajayi Crowther University shed light on the events leading up to the “unfortunate death” of a student.

According to the university’s findings, the student who tragically lost his life had been accused of stealing a mobile phone, sparking a confrontation that ultimately resulted in his death.

The statement read, “Contrary to what is trending, the university affirms that there is no cultism in the institution, just as the university has zero tolerance for any sort of anti-social vices and misconduct. It is important to stress that the expelled students do not belong to any cult group.

“What actually happened is that the deceased was alleged to have stolen a mobile telephone, but instead of reporting the issue to the university management, the expelled students could not control their emotions. Their actions led to the unfortunate death of the student.

“The university has taken swift action by handing over all the students involved to the Nigeria Police Force for investigation, with the assurance that justice will be served.”

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