Actress Wunmi Ajiboye Accuses Husband Segun Ogungbe of Paternity and Termination of Pregnancy

The fissures in Wunmi Ajiboye and Segun Ogungbe’s marriage have been exposed after the popular Nigerian actress alleged a plethora of wrongdoing by her estranged husband, during a recent Instagram Live video. Wunmi, who is the second wife of actor Segun Ogungbe, accused him of infidelity and disrespect, among other transgressions, in a tell-all session that has since generated considerable buzz in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The actress, in her explosive account, not only accused her husband of lacking respect for her, but also alleged that he had engaged in abhorrent and unacceptable behavior with her employees. She claimed that Segun Ogungbe had sexually harassed her workers to the extent of impregnating one of them and allegedly assisting her in terminating the pregnancy.

In the same Instagram live session, Wunmi Ajiboye also sought to set the record straight on her alleged relationship with MC Oluomo, a prominent figure in Lagos state’s transport sector. Reports of an affair between the actress and MC Oluomo had previously circulated, which she had vehemently denied.

During her candid live broadcast, Wunmi addressed these rumors, asserting that there had never been any romantic involvement with MC Oluomo.

In the face of public scrutiny surrounding the details of her marital troubles, Wunmi Ajiboye has issued a plea to those criticizing her decision to separate from her husband, asking them to respect her privacy and avoid passing judgment.

During her emotional Instagram live, the actress made it clear that she is the only one who knows the full extent of what she went through in her marriage and urged critics to leave her be, emphasizing that it is not their place to weigh in on her personal choices.

“Depression is real,” she pleaded with critics.

“Do you even know what I went through when I was with him?” She asked.

She continued: “Is it a man that didn’t care for me, didn’t respect me, that you want me to remain with?”


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