A UK, US And Canada Visa Ban On Governor Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola By Olawale Adebayo Bakare (Mandate)


A UK, US And Canada Visa Ban On Governor Isiaka Gboyega Oyetola By Olawale Adebayo Bakare (Mandate)

After employing and sponsoring hoodlums, thugs and other bloodthirsty agents to forcefully end and disperse peaceful protests, Mr Gboyega Oyetola, current governor of Osun State, reluctantly showed up at the barricades to address protesters since all excuse to defend the brutality and victimisation earlier meted on demonstrators failed.

Instead of hearing their pains and grievances; he turned the protest ground to a battle field where live bullets were shot at armless and defenseless protesters. This evil intervention led to the eventual death of two protesters including Lateef Mutiu aka Fresh and Halimi Ahmed Olamilekan.

The blatant denial that nobody died and the heartless effort of the state governor and his blood-thirsty cabinet to bury all evidences by threatening the families of the deceased to deny the death of their own sons led the state government in making kangaroo arrangements of bribing these two families with the embarrassing amount of N500,000 (less than $1,400/£1,200) each.

Mr Mutiu Lateef and Ahmed Olamilekan are among the peaceful protesters, who were shot multiple times at the back and other places that clearly suggest they were running for their lives and they were never a threat to the killer. Both of them could not survive the gruesome attack and died painfully.

The incessant attack on critics and peaceful agitators, the gross violation of human rights and undemocratic and violent tendencies of the desperate Gboyega Oyetola-led administration to repress dissidents should not be overlooked and left unchecked.

We hereby humbly request for the immediate visa ban on the governor of Osun State as a way to curb his despotic and tyrannical style of leadership, overmilitarising the state through excessive use of force and abuse of power.

Olawale Adebayo Bakare (Mandate)
A concerned and directly affected indegene of Osun State.

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