30 Travellers Reportedly Kidnapped in Abuja-Nasarawa Ambush


In a shocking incident that has left families and officials scrambling for answers, an estimated 30 travellers were abducted on Friday along the Abuja-Nasarawa Highway.

The harrowing details of the ambush and kidnapping of 30 travellers, including students of the Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa was made available to PUNCH Metro. The source who spoke to the media outlet described how the travellers were waylaid by heavily armed gunmen along the Abuja-Nasarawa Highway, forcing them off the road and into a nearby bush in Uke. One of the students, a young woman, was on her way to Abuja to visit her family when she was tragically caught up in the ambush.

A driver who escaped the attack alerted the police. The source stated, “Thirty persons were kidnapped between Nasarawa and Abuja on Friday.

“The passengers were taken from two buses into the bush near Uke in Nasarawa State. One of the passengers is an HND student of Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa, returning to Abuja to see her family.

“One of the bus drivers escaped, recovered some items including a victim’s phone, and reported the incident to the police in Uke.”

Police authorities in Nasarawa State have confirmed the incident, with Nasarawa Police Public Relations Officer, Rahman Nansel, confirming the news to reporters  that three of the victims had been successfully rescued and that a massive search and rescue operation was already underway to locate and free the remaining victims from their abductors.

Rahman Nansel clarified that the number of abducted individuals was fewer than initially reported. According to Nansel, the police were able to confirm that the number of victims was less than the initial estimate of 30, and an 18-seater bus, presumably belonging to one of the victims, was recovered at the scene of the kidnapping.

“The number (30) was exaggerated. An 18-seater bus was recovered at the scene and three people were rescued. A search and rescue operation is still ongoing,” Nansel said.

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